Why regular STD tests are something you should consider?

std testing

Are you sexually active? If so, you might have wondered about STD tests and whether you are safe. Taking regular STD tests shows that you are taking responsibility for looking after your health and the health of others. 

Any kind of sexual activity has the potential to pass on STDs. Just because you don’t have any symptoms, doesn’t mean you don’t have one – lots of STDs are asymptomatic so you won’t know you have an infection until it’s too late.  Left untreated, STDs can have serious implications on your reproductive and general health including issues related to fertility. 

It is important to be tested every time you have sex with a new partner and annual tests are recommended even if you are in a committed long-term relationship.

If you’re not sleeping with anyone else and your partner isn’t either, where would the infections come from? 

Here are some reasons why regular STD tests are important, even if you’re in a relationship:

– You have an undiagnosed infection due to not having any symptoms.

– You and your partner have not been tested since you got together.  It is best for all partners to take STD tests before you stop using barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms. Keep in mind, using contraception doesn’t guarantee 100% protection against catching STDs. 

– Someone has been unfaithful.

What STDs should you be tested for?

Most STDs can be treated easily once identified. Some of the most common STDs include: 

– Chlamydia

– Gonorrhea

– Syphilis

– Trichomoniasis

There is no need to feel embarrassed; at The All England Practice, we are used to testing for all kinds of infections and we promise there will be no judgment. Be prepared to answer some questions about your sex life, such as the type of sex you are having, whether you had unprotected sex recently, any specific concerns or whether you are currently experiencing any changes to your sexual health.

We promise you complete discretion, compassion and no judgement; we’re just happy you’re taking steps to be responsible about your health and the health of your partners! Rest assured, a visit for an STD test does not have to be a daunting one. 

Contact us today or find out more information on STDs on our website.

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