Why DNA diets are the new must do for 2021?

DNA Nutrition

Every year brings a new diet, and every year brings a new set of people who claim to have found the miracle way to manage their weight. Some do great on Keto, others swear by upping their fibre intake, whilst some reach the conclusion that a healthy, balanced eating plan and regular exercise is all that’s really needed. Why is there so much variation? The clue could be in your genes. 

What is a DNA diet test? 

Put simply, a DNA diet analysis matches your nutritional needs with your unique physiological makeup. We all understand that DNA plays a key role in determining things like hair or eye colour, so it’s not too big of a leap to see the role our genes play in processing nutrition – after all, we all know that one person who can eat whatever they like without putting on an ounce; the answer is likely in their genes. 

A DNA diet test involves analysis of around 100 aspects of a person’s DNA. The report examines how each persons unique DNA sequence influences their health, paying particular attention to factors such as fat metabolism and blood sugars. After in-depth analysis, your DNA diet expert will be able to take you through a tailored diet plan that will help you achieve your 

What makes DNA diets different? 

The recommendations may well be familiar. Some people will be advised to follow a high fat, low carb diet or some will see that a mediterranean diet is best suited to them. The difference is what lies behind the uniquely tailored recommendation. Rather than basing advice on the latest fashionable eating regime and recommending the same thing to the whole population, DNA diets only consider your  individual unique DNA, and how your body responds to different foods. Working with a dietician who knows how to properly interpret the report means you can understand your DNA Diet report better. With the correct guidance and support, it is easy to see how a DNA diet report can lead to simple diet and lifestyle changes instead of trapping people in the frustrating cycle of yoyo dieting that is so common with other popular programmes. 

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