Thinking of getting a stomach balloon? Here’s why you need to pair it with a nutrition program

Gastric or Stomach Balloons have become a popular option among non-surgical weight loss options in Dubai, and for good reason. The procedure involves the ingestion of a small capsule that remains as a balloon in the stomach for around 6 months. The stomach balloon restricts the amount of food you can consume and allows you to control portions (eat less before feeling full up). 

While the balloon will undoubtedly help you consume lesser food, its long-term success depends on your diet and eating habits that you develop during the program. Since the program lasts for 6 months, it’s plenty of time to develop some extremely healthy food habits that will allow your body to shed those excess pounds while getting the nutrition it deserves. 

The program cannot be a success unless there’s a complete overhaul of your dietary habits, making it of utmost importance to go for the gastric balloon program along with a nutritionist who understands your body, its needs and your weight loss goals. 

Here’s a bit of dietary programs recommended during a stomach balloon program. 


A liquid-only diet during days 1-3 after the balloon is inserted, and soft foods until about 10 days is a standard recommendation to get your digestive system accustomed to the balloon. 

After this, it’s very important to have a healthy nutrition plan in place; primarily a balanced diet that includes three healthy meals a day, focussing on fresh fruit, vegetables and grains. Lean meats and fish are also great options. 

Multivitamins are important too! A Gastric Balloon will not only reduce your food intake, but your nutrients, too, so keep that in mind when addressing your diet.

If you fail to change your previous eating habits, the results won’t be worth it, and it’ll train your body to keep at it once the balloon has been removed, too.

If you have any questions regarding a stomach balloon, how it works and whether it’s best for you, get in touch with our doctors and nutrition experts on 800-ENGLAND. 

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