The benefits of a straight smile (apart from a good selfie!)

There’s no doubt that having straight teeth makes you feel more confident and attractive but did you know research has shown that there are many ways in which a straight smile benefits your health? If you’ve been considering Invisalign, read on.

Easy to clean 

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss between. 

Healthier teeth

Clean teeth mean healthy teeth. Crooked or crowded teeth tend to trap food creating an ideal environment for cavities to form – a problem you won’t have with a perfectly aligned smile! 

Healthier gums

When it’s difficult to brush your teeth and floss properly, it affects your ability to clean your gums too. Always angle your toothbrush at 45° so that you can remove food and bacteria that may be trapped in the space between your teeth and gums. If left untreated, this could lead to gum disease. 

Improved speech

There’s no doubt that teeth play an important role in the quality of your speech. Gaps between teeth, protruding or crowded teeth can all affect the way you speak.

Better overall health

Poor oral health has been proven to have links with heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and more, so it’s easy to see how important it is to keep brushing, flossing and having regular dental check-ups. A straight smile is an added bonus that can help you maintain your health.

Invisalign; the clear alternative to braces

Invisalign is the world’s most advanced clear aligner system. It’s the perfect way to straighten your teeth without letting anyone know you’re wearing braces!

At The All England Practice, Dr. Reza Alavi – an expert Aesthetic & General Dentist and a Certified Invisalign Provider can help you correct your smile in just a few months.

Invisalign starts from AED 8,500 and can go up to AED 25,000 depending on the type and complexity of movement that is needed to align your smile.

Get in touch today by calling 800-ENGLAND or simply book your appointment online.

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