Super Botox & Baby Botox – The latest botox trends you need to know about!

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Botox is easily that one procedure that took the aesthetic industry by a storm in the last decade. Given its popularity and commercialization it isn’t surprising that Botox has evolved and brought forth several trends such as preventative botox, botox for hyperhydrosis, body botox and the trends we’re going to dive into : Baby Botox & Super Botox. 

Regular Botox or botox as we know it works by relaxing your facial muscles to help smooth out wrinkles. Depending on the area of injection, dosage of botox can vary. The dosage and technique of the procedure severely impacts the final result. Over-injection of botox or proper techniques results in a “botched” job or the evident frozen look that we’ve even witnessed on the red carpet. 

Both super botox & baby botox are trends that have evolved to get the most natural, superficial effect. 

Super Botox

Super Botox is an upcoming botox facial trend that involves using Botulinum toxin with treatments like Microneedling & Mesotherapy, introduced to the skin in a superficial manner. These treatments also include your very own personalised mix of vitamins and minerals, tailored to your individual skin needs. Popular cocktails of botox include botox with Hyluronic acid, Vitamin C & sometimes even low quantities of fillers for plump, smooth & natural-looking skin. 

Baby Botox

Mini Botox, or Baby Botox, is what you should consider if you’re after a very subtle look.

With this treatment, you’re simply not going the whole way, you’re having a little dose or top-up of Botox, without worrying about going too far. Think of it as the cosmetic equivalent of a semi-perm hair dye. During the procedure, you’ll have small doses of Botox injected into your problem area, but you won’t be coming back nearly as often as you would with the regular variety. Plus, you’ll be having just the one, or even a half-syringe, instead of two or three.

The result means you’ll be able to move your face a lot more than regular Botox, so it’s perfect if you’re just starting out, too. 

Regardless of the botox trend you’re inclining towards, it’s always the best practice to do your research and find a doctor who understands your specific needs so even your Botox treatment can end up being perfectly customized. If a natural, subtle botox effect if what you’re going for, get in touch with Dr. Kiran Bindra on 800-ENGLAND

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