STD screening – which STD test should you get?

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STD testing shouldn’t be done only when you’re worried or are starting to see any concerning symptoms. It’s good practice to consider semi-regular STD screening if you’re sexually active. A proactive approach to sexual health is the best way to ensure both you and your partner are safe. 

What kind of STD tests are on offer?

There are various kinds of STD tests on offer at most STI clinics, and which tests you should undergo depends on why you’re taking them. If you’re concerned about a specific STD – perhaps because you’ve found out that someone you’ve had sexual contact with has it – then you’ll want to make sure you get tested for it. If you just want a general health check-up, you can either go the ‘thorough route’ and test for everything or just ask to be tested for the most common STDs.

*Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, two common STDs, can be tested for with just a urine sample. This is the ‘basic’ STD test you could have done.

*HIV testing requires a blood test, and some clinics will recommend only those people at risk of contracting HIV should undergo this test. Nevertheless, if you’re concerned, get one done anyway.

*Herpes can be tested for using a swab from a sore that you suspect is caused by the virus.

*Syphilis, like HIV, requires a blood sample.

Some test results may be available immediately, but you may also sometimes have to wait a week or two, depending on the test panel and 

What if I’m positive for an STD?

If your test results show that you’re positive for an STD, it’s important to start treatment immediately, as well as notifying previous sexual partners of your results. Many STDs can be treated easily with antibiotics, which should cure the condition within a few weeks, and HIV, while it cannot be cured, can nowadays be managed long-term very effectively with antiviral medication.

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