Smokers Teeth – Why Smokers Should Consider Preventative Dentistry

preventative dentistry for smokers

We know that this isn’t news to you or anyone, but smoking is very bad for your health. Aside from the implications on your breathing and your heart, = it is also really bad for your teeth.

Your oral health should always be a priority. Problems with your mouth can be an indication of a much deeper issue, for example, did you know that people with Diabetes often have trouble with their gum health?

Preventative dentistry enables you to minimize the damage caused to your oral health by smoking, avoiding the unpleasant-looking smokers teeth. But how does this work and what can you have done?

What are smoker’s teeth?

When you smoke, it is easy for bacteria to build up in your mouth, causing bad breath (halitosis). Not only this, but the colour of your teeth can suffer. Nicotine stains the teeth and makes them look yellow. Without due care and regular cleans, turn brown from plaque buildup.

Deeper issues

Smoking can also cause far deeper issues, the longer it continues. It increases your chances of gum disease which can erode the bone levels around your teeth, resulting in tooth loss.

What is preventative dentistry?

As well as cutting out (or at least cutting back) your smoking habit, preventative dentistry can help to minimize the impact smoking has on your oral health. Regular checkups with your dentist are important to detect everything from cavities and gum disease to the early signs of oral cancer.

What you can expect

Regular check ups and hygiene appointments are important for everyone but even more so for smokers, so that you can maintain a healthy smile that looks good. 

If you’re consistent with your appointments but still unhappy with the shade of your teeth, teeth whitening might help you achieve a brighter smile – although we recommend a minimum of 48 hours post-treatment of no smoking whatsoever.

Resolving minor issues at an early stage is much more cost-effective and sensible than waiting until they turn into bigger, more expensive problems

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