Skip the deals (& the damage): A teeth whitening guide for sensitive teeth!

Tooth sensitivity occurs when your roots become exposed or when your tooth enamel is eroded. It is triggered by very hot or cold drinks, and it often manifests itself as a sharp, excruciating pain. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you have probably been warned against teeth whitening. However, we all deserve bright and radiant smiles, so here is a quick guide to whitening sensitive teeth:

Get it done by a professional 

Although getting your teeth whitened by a professional is more expensive than home treatments, this is the option for anyone who suffers from sensitivity. The dentist will keep an eye on you and ensure that your teeth are safe throughout the process. Our preferred method of whitening sensitive teeth is the new whitening lamp. This new technology significantly reduces sensitivity compared to other whitening treatments, and it has little to no discomfort. 

Use topical fluoride

Fluoride helps strengthen your enamel. Ask your oral hygienist to apply a fluoride gel after the whitening procedure. You can also ask them to recommend topical fluoride in the form of a toothpaste or mouthwash that you can use at home. 

Maintain proper oral hygiene

To maintain the results for a longer period, brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid abrasion and a desensitising toothpaste to calm your nerves.

Avoid highly concentrated whitening products

Most, if not all, whitening products contain some amount of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, then make sure that whatever product you use has a very low concentration of these ingredients. 

Avoid regular whitening

If you have sensitive teeth, it will take longer to achieve the results you want. Since your enamel is already eroded, you do not want to be too aggressive with the whitening products. Ensure that you don’t leave the product on for longer than the recommended time, and thoroughly rinse it off when you are done.

Avoid staining beverages

Coffee and soda can stain your teeth, so try and eliminate them from your diet. If you must drink them, use a straw to protect your teeth. 

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