Signs You May Need A Food Intolerance Test

food intolerance

We all love a delicious meal and snacking on our favourite foods. But sometimes that sluggish, bloated, uncomfortable feeling strikes out of nowhere. What could it be?

Just because you do not have a full-blown food allergy doesn’t mean you might not have a food intolerance. But how do you know if that bad feeling is a sign of food intolerance? Here are some key things to watch out for.

Intolerance vs allergy

It is important to note that an intolerance is not an allergy. With an allergy, you may encounter life-threatening symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and even your throat swelling. An intolerance is more likely to have milder symptoms like the ones listed below, however, they can still impact your everyday life.

Digestive complaints

Perhaps the most obvious ways a food intolerance can show up is through digestive issues. Symptoms of digestive distress can include feeling bloated when you eat, suffering from nausea and diarrhoea, or even just gassiness. You may also notice that you are suffering from bouts of acid reflux after eating certain foods or that you are struggling to shed weight when you want to.

Skin problems

Being intolerant to certain food can cause flare-ups of certain skin complaints. If you find that your skin is red, itchy, bumpy or that you are having occurrences of acne, then the problem could be something you eat.

Mood issues

A less well-reported side effect of eating foods that you are intolerant to is that your mood may be lower than you would like. After all, up to ninety percent of serotonin is produced in your gut. This is the hormone linked to happiness, so if you find yourself having frequent mood swings, anxiety or even fatigue, it might be down to something in your diet.

Get a food intolerance test

All of these symptoms could indicate a food intolerance, but if you are struggling to pinpoint what exactly you are intolerant to, there is a way to find out. A food intolerance test can get to the bottom of your food issues and help you to work with it so that you can enjoy better gut health.
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