Teeth Whitening

Whether you’ve noticed specific stains becoming visible on your tooth or the overall colour of your teeth becoming darker, a professional teeth whitening treatment can help to restore your teeth to their natural colour and leave your smile brighter.

Flash In-Chair Teeth Whitening

With over 20 years of development, the fläsh teeth whitening system is a quick and easy way to achieve a whiter smile in a matter of minutes.

The specially designed whitening lamp offers maximum comfort as well as proven results letting patients leave with a beautifully white smile!

What’s more – you won’t have to worry about your teeth becoming too bright. Before you begin the fläsh teeth whitening process, your dentist will be able to determine your current tooth shade so that we can measure your results at the end of your treatment.

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Benefits of flash teeth whitening

  • Significantly less sensitivity than other teeth whitening treatments
  • Little to no discomfort during the treatment
  • Pre-determining of tooth shades
  • Quick and convenient
  • No downtime or interruption after the treatment
  • Whiter teeth!

Home Teeth Whitening

If you prefer a home-based treatment, we offer custom teeth whitening sets that will enable you to gradually whiten your teeth and maintain them for months to come.

Your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and create custom aligners for you. Following this, you’ll simply need to apply the whitening gel to the aligners and wear them for as little as a few hours or overnight.

The trays can also be reused, for any future whitening treatments.

You will start seeing the benefits of your home whitening treatment in less than 7days.

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