Sports Mouth Guards

Gum Shields To Protect Your Mouth

Also known as mouth guards or gum shields, sports guards help to protect your mouth, teeth and gums from harm. Typically used when the wearer is engaged in sporting activities, sports guards ensure that participation in contact sports doesn’t break teeth!  

If you currently wear braces, your dentist may advise you to use a sports guard in order to prevent your braces from being damaged. As well as providing your teeth and mouth with protection from injury, sports guards can help to ensure your dental and cosmetic work isn’t damaged whilst you’re playing sports.

Custom-made sports guards generally provide the best fit and are, therefore, the most comfortable type of guard to wear.

In addition to this, a custom sports guard gives you the best level of protection, meaning you’re less likely to sustain an injury whilst wearing one.

Advantages of sports guards:

  • Helps to prevent tooth, gum and mouth injuries
  • Keeps teeth free from cracks or chips
  • Low-cost preventative measure


Is it worth getting a custom sports guard?
Created by dental technicians and dentists, custom-made sports guard are tailored to the shape of your mouth and fit perfectly around your teeth. As a result, they are more comfortable to wear, provide a higher level of protection and hold their shape.
Who should wear a sports guard?
Anyone who takes part in sports or exercises regularly should consider wearing a sports guard.
How long does a sports guard last?
Your sports guard will only need replacing once it’s been worn down through over-use. Adolescents and young people may need to have new guards made on a fairly frequent basis, such as every six months, as they may still experience new tooth growth and the shape of their mouth may be subject to gradual changes.
How much does a sports guard cost?
The cost can vary from AED 750 to AED 1,200.
Dr. Prabs Uppal
BDS, BSc, PgCert (Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry)
Aesthetic & General Dentist

Dr. Prabs Uppal is a British trained Aesthetic & General dentist in the UAE. A proud double-graduate of the prestigious and world-renowned King’s College London, he has been practising private dental care in the United Kingdom. Dr. Prabs provides a...Read more


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