Spa Dentistry

Dental Spa Treatment

What is spa dentistry?

Spa dentistry is dedicated to the patient experience, focusing on how to make sure your visit to the dentist is as relaxing as it can be.  This is particularly appreciated by nervous patients and those who simply like the finer things.

We know nobody is a fan of the smell or sounds at a clinic and so we’ve made a real effort to counter these and ensure your dental experience surpasses all others.  We have selected a unique scent that patients notice as soon as they walk in, immediately putting them at ease.  Aromatherapy oils are used during your treatment to enhance your experience. Noise-cancelling headphones and a TV in the ceiling of our dental rooms mean you can continue watching your favourite Netflix series throughout your appointment.

Additional extras can be selected from a unique comfort menu that has been created to make your visit even more special and whilst we’d love to tell you more here, some things are just better experienced!

Why does spa dentistry matter?

Spa dentistry puts you first, keeping you relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.  Spa-like services relieve anxiety, thereby reducing the need for greater medical intervention. A gentle approach promotes total peace of mind, making your dental experience a far better one and resulting in less down-time following procedures.

Dr. Prabs Uppal
BDS, BSc, PgCert (Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry)
Aesthetic & General Dentist

Dr. Prabs Uppal is a British trained Aesthetic & General dentist in the UAE. A proud double-graduate of the prestigious and world-renowned King’s College London, he has been practising private dental care in the United Kingdom. Dr. Prabs provides a...Read more


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