Relationship problems

Relationships – whether with family, friends, or partners – will have had a marked impact on our sense of self and how we relate to others. They can provide us with security, affection, excitement and hope but our closest relationships are often the playground – or battleground – upon which our deepest vulnerabilities, our most damaging behaviours and our unresolved past hurt can be revealed.
Individual therapy for relationship issues can be a powerful tool for reclaiming your life and your happiness. This type of therapy can be helpful for a variety of relationship problems including:
Relationship problems with significant others such as:

  • A spouse
  • Dating partners
  • A family member (e.g., parent, sibling, in-law)

Relationship transitions:

  • Support through divorce
  • Transition to parenthood
  • Singles looking to be in a partnership

Role strain:

  • Work/life balance
  • Balance between your roles as a spouse and as a busy professional
  • Balance between your roles as a parent and the caretaker for an aging parent

The issues mentioned above can have a physical or a psychological origin so it’s important to see your doctor for a physical examination before seeking treatment with RTT™.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) helps to change one’s view of a relationship, modify any dysfunctional behaviour, decrease emotional avoidance, improve communication and bring back the spark in an otherwise dull relationship. Our therapist will work with you to determine the pillar beliefs within your subconscious mind that prevent you from being in a relationship of your choice. Created by the UK’s No. 1 therapist, Marisa Peer, RTT™ is particularly powerful for recurring negative relationship patterns as it allows you to review events in your life that are the absolute cause of your relationship worries. Once processed, it is much easier for your mind to accept new, positive and loving suggestions that will allow you to experience a transformation in not only yourself but also your relationships.

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An accomplished family doctor and an alumna of University College London and Glasgow University, Dr Kiran Bindra is the first port of call for all medical concerns. Beyond general medicine, she has specific knowledge in the fields of dermatology and psychiatry....Read more

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