Post-pregnancy Weight Management

After delivering your baby, it is very easy to move into the “I want to lose weight fast” attitude. Some fad diets and quick remedies may sound tempting when you are standing in the supermarket check-out queue contemplating the super skinny celebrity mums on the cover of fashion magazines but instead of taking this road, focus on balanced nutrition and enjoyable physical activity instead.

Women who sleep less than five hours a night, six months postpartum are three times more likely to keep their baby weight and may even gain more. Being a new mother is stressful and stress hormones can promote weight retention. Women are more likely to eat when they are stressed so it’s easy to see how sleeplessness and stress contribute to postpartum weight retention.

A well documented study demonstrated that women who were taught how to eat well, avoided fatty and sugary foods, walked 30 minutes a day every day, pushed that baby carriage around outside, wrote down their food and exercise every day and wore a pedometer were much more likely to lose weight than women who weren’t in the lifestyle modification program.

The healthiest and most sustainable strategy to returning to your pre-pregnancy weight is by making gradual, permanent changes in your eating habits and let’s not be too hard on ourselves – after all, you’ve created another human!
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