Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Our female health department deals with a myriad of issues, such as menstrual issues, cervical screening, reproductive health, childbirth and more.

Our Female Health services include:

  • Menstrual disorders
  • Pre-menopausal and post-menopausal support
  • Female cancer screening and colposcopy
  • Treatment of gynecological diseases


Should I visit a gynaecologist if I am not sexually active?
Gynaecological issues can affect women regardless of whether they’re sexually active or not. If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as pain in the genital area or abdomen, irregular bleeding, absent periods or excessive pain during your menstrual cycle, you should consider seeing a gynaecologist for an assessment.
Are gynaecology examinations painful?
Many women worry that intimate examinations will hurt or cause discomfort. Our doctors recognise the anxiety associated with these types of examinations and will do everything they can to minimise your discomfort. If you feel nervous or anxious, be sure to tell your doctor beforehand so that they are able to take steps to reassure you. Women who have experienced discomfort during previous examinations may benefit from an alternative examination position being used or smaller medical instruments being used during the examination, for example.
Should I be monitored throughout my pregnancy?
If you are currently pregnant it is important to seek regular medical advice and assistance. There are various conditions which can affect pregnant women, such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia, and you should be monitored for these to ensure they are managed appropriately if they do occur. In addition to this, scans will be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the foetus is growing at the expected rate and to identify any risk factors which may affect your delivery.
Dr. Kiran Bindra
MB BS (LOND), BSc (Hons), MRCGP (UK), DRCOG (UK) GMC License no. 6164162
Family Medicine Consultant

An accomplished family doctor and an alumna of University College London and Glasgow University, Dr Kiran Bindra is the first port of call for all medical concerns. Beyond general medicine, she has specific knowledge in the fields of dermatology and psychiatry....Read more

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