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  • Long-term perfect finish without the need for daily makeup application
  • Cost-effective and pain-free
  • Both subtle and bold looks can be created
  • Enhances your natural features

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that is used to enhance and improve the appearance of your eyebrows and gives an ultra-realistic finish.

Tiny needles are used to mimic natural hair strokes, which are then filled with pigment to give colour to the strokes and make them look like natural hair.

Typically carried out in just two hours, microblading is one of the most advanced techniques and is being used by leading doctors and cosmetic practitioners for beautiful, defined, permanent eyebrows.

About our artist

Mari Santos is an international semi-permanent makeup and microblading specialist. Originally from Brazil, Mari has had a long career in brows and is the founder of iBrows By Mari. She is well known for her extreme attention to detail and expertise in the industry over the past 5 years. With her international training and eye for beauty, Mari has quickly become one of the UAEs favourite microblading artists and has a growing following amongst celebrities too!


Will permanent makeup look obvious?
Not at all. Whilst some clients prefer a bolder look, many clients simply want to enhance their natural features and add subtle improvements to certain areas.
Will my new eyebrows last forever?
Microblading does provide a long-lasting result but regular touch-ups will be required in order to keep the pigment looking rich and fresh.  Most people usually come in for touch-ups every six months or so, but this may last longer for you depending on your skin type.
Does microblading hurt?
Numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment and although tiny needles are used to apply semi-permanent makeup, the treatment itself isn’t too painful. Clients can usually feel a slight buzzing against their skin but this doesn’t usually hurt.
  • Mari Santos
    Beauty Therapist | Celebrity Eyebrow Artist

    Mari Santos is an International Brow and Microblading specialist with a long career in brows. She is the founder of iBrows By Mari and has gained notoriety for her extreme attention to detail and expertise in the industry. Having undertaken...Read more

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