Intragastric balloon

The Elipse Programme – Intragastric balloon

Struggling to lose weight? If diets are no longer working and you need an extra hand, The Elipse Program may be the right solution for you.

If you’re suitable for the program, here’s what will happen.  In just a short 20-minute appointment, you’ll swallow a small capsule. The capsule contains the Elipse balloon which we fill with liquid. The filled balloon sits in your stomach for 16 weeks making you feel full, reducing your appetite and allowing you to lose excess weight safely.

Our nutritionist, will work with you to provide dietary counselling and monitor your progress. During the six-month program, you will be taught how to establish a balanced and healthy diet and how to be satisfied with smaller portions. This is essential to maintain weight loss after the Elipse Device has been removed.

You will receive medical and nutritional support for the entire duration of the program and you can choose to share your results with your support team. The scales we give you are connected to an app on your phone enabling you to track your success at all times!

At the end of the treatment period, the IGB is designed to automatically open and drain. At this point, the empty IGB is designed to transit the gastrointestinal tract and be excreted without further intervention.

While weight loss may benefit patients treated with the Elipse Device, use of the Elipse Device also carries risks. Your doctor will carefully evaluate both the risks and benefits of treatment prior to beginning the program.

Advantages of the Elipse IGB balloon

  • No surgery
  • No endoscopy
  • No anaesthesia

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Will I gain weight once the balloon is removed?
Because the balloon has no lasting effects on the stomach, it is important that you establish and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Without the gastric balloon taking up space in your stomach, you will be able to eat larger portions but the good dietary habits you will have developed throughout the program will help you maintain the weight loss you have achieved.
What are the risks?
Most people don’t experience any complications at all but you should be aware of the risks. Gastric discomfort, nausea and vomiting are common for the first few days following balloon placement but rarely continue in the longer term. You may get a sense of heaviness in the abdomen, abdominal and/or back pain, or indigestion. A comprehensive list of risks will be explained to you at your consultation.
Is a gastric balloon the right option for me?
A gastric balloon is ideal for patients who have been struggling to lose weight, those who need to lose weight before surgery such as a knee replacement operation, or those who want to improve their chances of conceiving.  The balloon may be used if you have a BMI between 27 and 35, however, certain risk factors must be considered before the balloon placement. Your doctor will discuss these with you at your initial consultation.

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