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Fillings are a permanent restoration, designed to return a tooth to its correct shape and function, as well as helping to improve general aesthetics after loss of tooth structure due to decay. Fillings are also essential for closing off spaces such as wide fissures, in order to prevent bacteria from entering an area and subsequently leading to decay

By removing the decay and filling the tooth, your dentist can prevent further damage occurring and restore your tooth to its natural form and function, thus minimising the risk of future problems.

In modern dentistry fillings are usually made from composite material, however they can also be made from amalgam or GIC (Glass ionomer cement).

  • Permanent solution for decayed or damaged teeth
  • Relieves existing pain or sensitivity


Is having a filling painful?
Once local anaesthetic has been administered, the relevant area of your mouth will be numb so you won’t experience any pain at all. As well as removing the decay and ensuring the tooth is free from bacteria, your dentist will shape the filling to ensure it is a replica of your natural tooth and that your bite isn’t affected by the new filling. Whilst your filling may feel a little strange as the numbness begins to wear off, you shouldn’t experience any pain during or after the treatment. Sometimes fillings can be completed without the need for anaesthetic.
How much does a filling cost?
This depends on the extent of the problem. The more tooth structure to be restored, the higher the price of the filling. However, fillings are a relatively low-cost way to prevent additional damage to your teeth and they can keep you free from pain and discomfort.
Can anyone have a filling?
Fillings can be done for anyone on any tooth with signs of decay or wear. The pattern of decay or amount of tooth structure lost determines the extent and type of filling placed to restore the tooth.
Dr. Reza Alavi
Doctor of Dental Medicine, D.M.D.
Aesthetic & General dentist

Dr. Reza Alavi is an American Board Certified Aesthetic & General dentist in the UAE. He graduated from Boston University and has been providing private dental care in the United States, with a focus on dental aesthetics. Dr. Alavi is...Read more

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