Eating healthy is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn´t mean that you will stop enjoying your favorite foods. People living with diabetes have the same nutritional requirements as any other person. It is however, more important to plan your meals so that you have better control of your blood glucose.

When there is a diagnosis, the body is not able to properly manage blood sugar (glucose), the main source of energy of the body. By learning how to monitor your levels you can notice if your blood sugar is high or low and prevent negative consequences.

Since you were diagnosed with Diabetes are you constantly worrying about your food choices? It´s time to take control. We can teach you how to balance your meals and learn how to choose the healthier option. This may seem hard, but we have a lot of experience and can help you count carbohydrates, understand nutrition labels and design a meal plan that suits your lifestyle.
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Dr. Kiran Bindra
MB BS (LOND), BSc (Hons), MRCGP (UK), DRCOG (UK) GMC License no. 6164162
Family Medicine Consultant

An accomplished family doctor and an alumna of University College London and Glasgow University, Dr Kiran Bindra is the first port of call for all medical concerns. Beyond general medicine, she has specific knowledge in the fields of dermatology and psychiatry....Read more

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