Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety appears in all forms. It might manifest in an uneasiness that a person can’t seem to shake off or it may be quite debilitating and affect a persons day to day routine. It can be easy to get stuck in a worrying phase, stressing about what could happen next. These kinds of unhelpful thoughts can keep your mind and body trapped in a state of constant alert, with moments of happiness becoming only short-lived.

When it comes to panic attacks, some people may be at a total loss as to the cause. Their panic attacks might be a complete mystery to them. They have no idea why they suddenly have to get out of the building or car, or why they can’t breathe or feel faint. The power of the subconscious mind can be harnessed to discover why the mind has created these panic attacks.

Priyanka Ghaghda can help you find the root cause of your anxiety and panic attacks and reframe your beliefs about the triggers that cause you to feel this way. If you have been seeking treatment using traditional methods and haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for, this may seem impossible but we can assure you, we can help. Priyanka has been trained by the UK’s No. 1 therapist, Marisa Peer to skilfully provide a lasting transformation in as little as 28 days without medication.

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Dr. Kiran Bindra
MB BS (LOND), BSc (Hons), MRCGP (UK), DRCOG (UK) GMC License no. 6164162
Family Medicine Consultant

An accomplished family doctor and an alumna of University College London and Glasgow University, Dr Kiran Bindra is the first port of call for all medical concerns. Beyond general medicine, she has specific knowledge in the fields of dermatology and psychiatry....Read more

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