Post-pregnancy weight loss – A nutritionist’s realistic guide

post pregnancy weight loss

It’s common for new mothers to want to regain their body post-pregnancy. Not all weight loss practices are safe, though, and some may have results to begin with, but are only temporary. So, what should you be doing if you want results that last and how do you fit in a fitness regime while caring for a new-born?

What to eat and craving control

You will be using more energy taking care of your baby. While that doesn’t mean you binge on unhealthy snacks, going too far and trying to function off a rigid diet of shakes, only eating foods of a certain colour, or any number of other fad diets will only leave you more exhausted and likely to turn to the biscuit tin.

Make sure you eat small regular meals. Salad is the obvious choice. Also try foods like salmon, dairy products and lean beef. Try legumes, blueberries, brown rice and whole wheat alternatives to products your usually eat, and remember to drink lots of water. These foods contain important nutrients which are good for your baby, if you’re breastfeeding, and they’re good for you too. Also try to cut down on caffeine or switch to decaf alternatives.

Ill effects of a crash diet or unhealthy practices

Other than losing weight too quickly on a crash diet, which can slow your metabolism and lead to increased weight gains later, there are much more serious risks to consider. You risk becoming dehydrated, weakening your immune system and developing heart problems.

Lifestyle and sleeping habits & the importance of having a nutritionist that understands pregnancy 

You can’t control when your baby will sleep, but you can take naps while they do. If you’re not tired, you can take that time to use home exercise equipment, but it’s important to listen to your body and not to push yourself too hard.

Having a nutritionist who understands pregnancy means they can answer specific questions you have and can guide you on what food and level of exercise is suitable for you. This will be vastly different from someone who isn’t in a post-pregnancy stage, so turn to the specialists.

If you need help with post-pregnancy weight loss, book a consultation with our nutritionist at The All England Practice for a safe and healthy plan. Call 800-ENGLAND to schedule an appointment. 

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