Living with Celiac Disease in Dubai? Here are your diet & treatment options!

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Did you know that an estimated 1% of the population in Dubai suffer from Celiac disease? Most cases are also ignored or misdiagnosed because only the symptoms are treated with medicines rather than going down to the root cause. 

So what is Celiac Disease and what are the symptoms?

Celiac disease is an auto-immne disease wherein consumption of gluten leads to damage to the small intestine, thereby affecting nutrient-absorption in the body. When people with Celiac disease consume gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley), an immune response in their body is triggered that attacks the small intestine, causing severe inflammation.

Symptoms of Celiac disease

If you are living with Celiac disease, you might experience one or all of the following symptoms after consuming gluten: 

1. Chronic Diarrhoea

2. Constipation

3. Bloating

4. Indigestion

5. Fatigue & Irritability 

6. Growth problems in children

These symptoms are usually painful and often it may feel like your entire life revolves around controlling and managing the symptoms. However, once an effective treatment plan has been identified, people with this disease can go on to live normal, healthy lives.

Treatment & dietary recommendations

There is no cure for Celiac, so the management of this disease is heavily focused on dietary changes. The most important step is to avoid eating foods that contain gluten, but care needs to be taken to ensure that your diet is still balanced and healthy.

A nutritionist specialising in Celiac disease can help you by creating a diet that is personally tailored to you and your specific symptoms. Long-term complications can lead to vitamin deficiencies, so a nutritionist will be able to assess your diet and identify whether you may be at risk. 

Going gluten-free can be more complicated than you might think, as gluten can crop up in some unexpected places – it’s not just bread and pasta you need to watch out for, but also canned meats, salad dressings, and even medications and toothpaste. Your nutritionist can teach you how to properly read labels on these items so you can work out yourself whether the product is safe for you or not.

Getting help for Celiac disease in Dubai

If you have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease or are struggling to manage your symptoms, there is plenty of support available in Dubai. Speak to your doctor to confirm the diagnosis, then find an experienced nutritionist at The All England Practice to help you through the necessary lifestyle changes. Once your diet is under control, you should find yourself completely free of all symptoms and pain.

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