Is your dentist cleaning your teeth properly?

dental cleaning

Booking a regular, professional dental cleaning is a great way to prevent problems with your teeth and gums. Some people can be anxious about this though because they do not know what is involved. To help get you past those nerves, find out what a dental cleaning involves and make sure you know if your dentist is cleaning your teeth properly!

What does proper teeth cleaning involve?

While it can vary from dentist to dentist, or dentist to hygienist, teeth cleaning appointments should have the same basic structure. Following this allows your dentist to cover a range of important factors in your oral health care. This includes:

– Removal of tartar to get rid of build-up from hard to reach places such as the back of your teeth

– Polishing teeth to give them their natural shine back

– Thorough check of your gums to check for issues such as periodontal disease

– Screening for oral cancer

– Oral hygiene education including correct flossing techniques

– Review of your diet to identify food/drinks which may be damaging your teeth and gums

– Any urgent treatment recommendations

Teeth cleaning – pros and cons

A dental clean enables you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It can also stop you from needing more expensive treatment further down the line, as potential problems can be identified and treated at an earlier stage. It is important to remember that a clean does not mean you can ignore the need for a check-up – a comprehensive dental check-up delves further into your dental health and is where your dentist will get a better look at your oral health. 

But what about the cons? The biggest one for many is that some practitioners can be too harsh when carrying out cleaning and cause pain. If it’s been a while since your last clean, you may experience bleeding gums and experience some sensitivity over the next few days.  This will subside. It is always a good idea to check reviews and speak to your friends – maybe they have a recommendation for a dentist or hygienist who put them at ease, clearly explained the process and is someone they trust. Go to them!

Professional dental teeth cleaning in Dubai

If you are looking for a qualified, professional dentist to perform proper dental teeth cleaning in Dubai, get in touch today.  Our UK-qualified dentists are rated as some of the best dentists in Dubai with top reviews from patients. 

To book an appointment at The All England Practice, fill out our contact form, contact us on What’s App +971 55 1695499, email or just call 800 England and visit our clinic on Burj Khalifa Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

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