Gastric Balloon for weight loss? Why it’s a better alternative to Liposuction

gastric balloon

Gastric balloon or the more popular term ‘Stomach Balloon’ has become increasingly popular in the GCC as a more sustainable and long-term solution for weight loss and obesity management. It’s a great alternative to more invasive options like Liposuction which works by surgically removing excess fat in the body. 

Gastric balloons, on the other hand, work by partially filling up the stomach which means you will only need to consume smaller portions of food to feel full. A gastric balloon provides a temporary non-surgical solution that will assist with long-term weight loss by helping you to change your habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

So how does a gastric balloon work?

The stomach balloon is a small capsule that’s ingested. The capsule contains the Elipse balloon which will be filled with liquid. The filled balloon sits in your stomach for 16 weeks making you feel full, reducing your appetite and allowing you to lose excess weight safely.

The procedure may prevent medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, from developing into more serious conditions that are not so easy to reverse. The gastric balloon also offers a way to assist individuals that need to lose weight, reduce the risks involved with other surgical procedures, that cannot be postponed long term. 

Gastric balloon vs Liposuction

One of the reasons gastric balloons are recommended for weight loss as opposed to liposuction, is that it is a much safer option. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure, which carries more risks of complications. In comparison, the gastric balloon procedure has far fewer risks. As with any procedure, there are risks; however, these are minimal compared to liposuction surgery and your doctor will discuss these with you during your consultation. Any reactions to the gastric balloon also disappear within a short time.

Liposuction is meant to get rid of bodily fat. Gastric Balloon helps change unhealthy food habits and helps you maintain your ideal weight for a longer period of time. 

To find out more about gastric balloon treatment for weight loss and find out if it’s the right treatment option for you, get in touch with us at The All England Practice on 04 243 5773 or you can book an appointment online by clicking here.

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