Why is RTT different from clinical therapy?

Regular talk therapy (includes CBT, psychotherapy, counseling) usually work with the symptoms of one’s issue. Psychotherapy may go further in analyzing what is beneath the presenting problem, but this too only works with the conscious mind. RTT is a combination of all of these therapies and is powerful because the entire session is done while the subconscious mind is open – this is where 80% of thoughts, feelings and emotions lie. Using hypnosis we’re able to cut through all of the distractions of the conscious mind and jump straight into the root of the issue, rather than the symptoms. The alpha brainwaves induced during the session help to lock the change into the mind, helping break old neural pathways and solidify new ones. Clients do not need to come for multiple sessions every week (which is the model of talk therapy). Its not worth living with the pain of the issue for so long – its like when you have a toothache, you go to a dentist and have them fix it immediately, they wouldn’t have you come in to talk about the issue for a few sessions. RTT is like a surgery of the mind, its laser focused, deep and long lasting.

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