FAQ Category: Hollywood Smile Makeover

Is a Hollywood Smile Makeover expensive?

A Hollywood Smile Makeover is actually a cost-effective way to improve the health and aesthetics of your teeth. With a myriad of treatments available, you can resolve any dental issues which may be present and boost your confidence at the...

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How long does a Hollywood Smile Makeover take?

As every patient is different there is no set treatment time when it comes to the makeover process. Some smile makeovers may be completed in just a couple of appointments in as little as a week, whilst others involving teeth...

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What does a Hollywood Smile Makeover involve?

A Hollywood Smile Makeover involves one or more treatments, designed to improve your smile and resolve any existing imperfections which may be affecting your smile. Depending on the alignment  of your teeth and any issues, such as staining, broken or...

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