Could Snacking Help Weight Loss?

healthy snacks

When you begin a healthy eating or diet plan, you may think now is the time to cut out snacking and stick to three meals a day. But could this method actually be holding you back from achieving the results you want to see? Could snacking for weight loss be the key to helping you stick to your diet?

Traditional meals vs grazing

While eating three balanced meals a day is a good thing, it might not be the best path towards weight loss for you. Eating a small snack in between less calorie-dense meals could help you to keep your metabolism working throughout the day rather than overloading your body with a large amount of food that could leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Keeping your metabolism working can help you burn fat more effectively. This is especially great for those who live busy, active lives and want to feel more energetic.

Choose your snacks wisely

Perhaps you are excited to begin a new diet plan that incorporates your favourite snack foods but be careful! Not all snacks are created equal. A handful of sugary treats is more likely to give you a quick sugar rush and leave you feeling depleted and tired again whereas the same amount of protein-rich food could give you the boost you need to get through your day, keeping you feeling full and helping you maintain your healthy diet plan.

Preparing healthy snacks in advance is a great way to ensure you’re less likely to make impulse decisions and choose sugary, calorie dense alternatives just because you’re hungry; just another tactic to help you hit those weight loss goals!

Don’t get carried away

It sounds like great news for those who would rather graze than dive into a big dinner, but you should still be cautious when snacking for weight loss. Make sure that if your diet plan is calorie-controlled, you are still within the bounds of what is healthy and achievable for you. You also don’t want to replace all of your meals with snacks, as this could leave you eating more and yet feeling less satisfied at the end of the day.

For more advice and support on diet, you can contact All England Practice where our team of experienced professionals can help you with nutrition advice and help from a qualified dietician.

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