Beware the Ramadan offers

ramadan botox offers Dubai

Ramadan is in full swing, and so is the marketing associated with the holiest of months. Every year the deals appear better, with increasing savings, and retailers promising more for less. With ever increasing pressures to drive traffic through the market place, retailers are offering almost unbelievable savings. This is particularly true within the aesthetic medicine industry.

As a branch of medicine, it is imperative that high standards are maintained. With this in mind it raises the question of how one can deliver these standards, with ever decreasing margins, and pressures to turn a profit? Unfortunately, the old saying of ‘being too good to be true’ may apply in this situation. Counterfeit medicine accounts for roughly $200 billion per year. Fraudulent drugs harm and even kill millions of people around the world. Although less developed markets have long been their stronghold, pharma counterfeiters are now using digital channels to penetrate developed countries, where physical distribution networks are well protected.

A batch of botulinum toxin, branded as a leading manufacturer, was recently tested by a pharmaceutical supplier and found to be counterfeit within UAE. This was most alarming, not only because its efficacy was unknown but more critically because botulinum is lethal at the wrong doses and only one strain has been approved to be used on humans. There have been similar reports of counterfeit hyaluronic acid fillers being branded as more reputable names. This results in patients paying for products that have reduced effects and puts them at a much higher risk of developing complications.

“The top branded non-surgical cosmetic products are rightly lauded as the best because they have been rigidly tested for safety and effectiveness at every stage of their development” says Dr Faisal Salim, Plastic Surgeon at The All England Practice.  

“As a result, patients can expect a safe and predictable outcome. But this comes at a cost. I would argue that anybody offering a 50% reduction in price may be offering savings in price but also quality. Is it really worth risking your appearance for a few extra Dirhams?” 

Written by Dr. Kiran Bindra

An accomplished family doctor and an alumna of University College London and Glasgow University, Dr Kiran Bindra is the first port of call for all medical concerns. Beyond general medicine, she has specific knowledge in the fields of dermatology and psychiatry. A GP in the UK before moving to Dubai, Dr Bindra also has experience in managing general paediatric care, and has a special interest in obstetrics and gynaecology having completed her DRCOG.

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