Are your eating habits compatible with your DNA?

dna test for diet

Your diet can change a lot. Depending on what kind of meal plan you are on, what stage of life you’re at and what your taste buds are telling you would be good for dinner! But what if your eating habits are not quite what’s best for your health? Is it possible to find a better way to eat?

We know that your DNA can hold the key to many areas of health and wellness, as well as explaining so much about you as a person. But could a DNA test for diet help you to eat better and feel great too? Read on to find out more.

It’s personal

The fact is that if you go on a fad diet, it is unlikely to be the best choice for your health. You will know this because, while it might be sustainable briefly, you may slowly begin to notice fatigue, low mood and of course, hunger!

This is because there is no “one size fits all” approach to diets – they are as unique as we are.

What makes you different?

Our DNA is what makes us unique. It plays a role in absolutely everything we do and how our body naturally behaves. This is why some people can eat all they like and not gain weight whereas some of us only have to look at a cupcake to put on a few extra kg!   Knowing what your body prefers to work with gives you the power to make smart food choices that will benefit your health in the long term.

Genetics and diet

When you think about your genetic makeup, you might not think about the way you eat. But our DNA can impact how we react to certain foods – for example, how our blood sugar rises and falls and which foods make us gain weight faster. You may be trying a diet plan that is directly at odds with your DNA.

How to find out

The only way to find out what your genetic makeup is and how this can impact your diet is by taking a DNA test for diet. We’ll use this information to help you plan better meals and know what type of diet you are best suited to. Together with our healthcare professionals, we can help you take control of your diet and your health.  

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