Are over-the-counter teeth whitening products worth it?

teeth whitening products

The market for teeth whitening products is vast with products available online, in shops, over the counter (OTC), as well as in specialised clinics. Lots of us want whiter teeth but which type of product is best for teeth whitening?

With teeth whitening products available for both low and high budget options, many are tempted to use over the counter products or products advertised online to achieve whiter teeth. 

While these may be one of the slightly more budget-friendly options, over the counter and online kits do not have the same whitening power as clinical options. They require multiple applications of whitening gel which means you may end up spending more in total for the same level of whiteness that you would achieve with in-chair whitening. Not only this, some gels contain a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide which leads to pain and sensitivity.  Ultimately, you may find that over the counter treatments don’t do what they promised on the box, leaving you dissatisfied with your treatment. 

On the other hand, in-chair advanced teeth whitening treatments restore your teeth to their natural colour and improve the brightness of your smile with far more superiority.  Flash in-chair teeth whitening is one such treatment that offers proven results in just 60 minutes.

A simple procedure involving whitening gel containing 6% hydrogen peroxide (the active ingredient) and a specialised whitening LED lamp, Flash in-chair whitening not only gives you excellent results, but our patients have reported significantly reduced sensitivity compared with other popular whitening brands. In addition, the dentists at The All England Practice will help you select a whitening shade that suits you and looks naturally bright, so you don’t whiten your teeth too dramatically!

All in all, when comparing professional in-chair whitening treatment with over the counter or online options it is easy to see that in-chair treatment with your dentist offers better, safer, and more predictable results, saving you time and money. Enquire at The All England Practice today to find out about clinical teeth whitening in Dubai. 

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